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[November, 12th 2018 at 9:06p]


Because I am sure you all missed him greatly, I am going to work on bringing this guy back (potentially with some changes, but it doesn't seem that way now that I am breaking into it), but I anticipate he will be widely the same in personal interactions. This is Caleb, last name pending unless I leave it Kang, you're twenty-six year old, Andrew McMahon-stalking California boy. He moved to South Korea following the death of one of his grandparents, and stayed to study Psychology at Korea University before becoming a high school counselor at an international high school in the Seoul area. Why did he stop at the high school level? Well, adults are crazy (says an adult) and his passion lies also in music, which he does on an amateur level with no anticipation of going further, playing coffee shops, clubs, and whatnot with only intention of playing music for music's sake. He plays piano and guitar primarily, as well as vocals, like a sort of one man acoustic band (though he always welcomes help).

Formerly speaking, he had a few lines with a few in the community which I would love to keep some variation of (if not the initial) since I am hoping to bring him in as a relatively clear slate (there may be some name changes coming up to dissociate from former family lines, but that's it). Same Caleb, different day, so if he can fill something for you, let me know! Otherwise, he can use friends, foes, music buddies, anyone who wants to play shows with him from time to time, a part-timer (lest [info]rhymeregiment wants another co-worker still at the cafe), military buddies (he served in 2014-2016 in mental health given his vision issues), exes, anything else we can figure out!

Oh! As for where he has been since whenever it was he left (May 2018), I'm going to say he did some world traveling. Jumped to Europe for a while, backpacked around and busked for funds before going to the States, spending some time in New York before hopping right back over to the west cost where he settled in Nevada for a little. Throw in some home sickness and he is now back in Seoul, but obviously the trip was worth it for him to see a bit of the world.
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[November, 12th 2018 at 7:31p]


hi guys! eric here was around about a year ago but i miss him and you guys so i decided i'm gonna bring him back! also bringing him back thanks to some gentle nudging from [info]rhymeregiment so any connections through him right off the bat.

for those of you who don't know him, this is eric liu, 24 year old vagabond originally from san francisco. he's sort of a jack of all trades in that he hoards jobs to make sure he ends up above water so he's a survivor more than anything. he went to school back in california for music and he dabbled in modelling for a while to make ends meet. he ended up in seoul the first time after being catfished and led to move out of the country and he got stuck for a while. he left and went back home at the beginning of the year but has recently found himself homesick for south korea so he decided to move back and here we are!

i'd love a roommate for him and maybe some coworkers if people need others to work with. if we had any lines the last time i was here and want to keep them or want something totally new i'd love to work something fun out!
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[November, 5th 2018 at 5:05p]


hello there! this is jem. he was here many moons ago and can hopefully make a grand return. he's now 26, but in his younger years he delved into the idol world for all of two seconds before he was kicked out for both publicly being drunk and for leaked nudes. he was a damn mess. and continued to be one until about a year ago when he got himself into rehab in la where he has some family. he's going on almost a year sober and has been doing a lot of traveling and self reflecting in an attempt to both better himself and make things up to those he has wronged. he's trying to settle back into seoul, the city he was born, to try again at the whole life thing.

he could use a slew of lines! people who like to do spur of the moment activities and adventures as he is always trying to keep busy, smoking buddies, those he has wronged in the past by being horribly drunk in their presence, people he has stolen from in order to drink more, those he used to hook up with, or any other messy entanglement we can sort out (messier the better, really. his un is pabo for a reason!) people who don't really know him and his past shit, some job ideas. anything!
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[November, 3rd 2018 at 12:15a]


hey party peeps! this is joon-ki yu, or joonie, whatever you wanna call him. he's 27 and originally from busan, but moved to seoul to go to k-arts for drama. joon has already served his military time but he ended up in a compromising viral video, however, which his family found out about and were none too thrilled with. joon is the only son that would be the heir to the yu family funds so he was quickly cut-off once his parents heard about his internet antics. he was forced to quit uni and get a real job and do something 'useful' with himself in order to make his way around in life. right now, he's a commercial model for startup clothing companies as well as a stock boy for a convenience store.

i'm looking for a roommate, not so serious exes, possible flings, people he might've done military time with (timeline is in the bio here) or perhaps penpals he had during that time, maybe an ex he had during uni that he might've cheated on who maybe found out the hard way by his video surfacing (aka the one who got away), or anything else you wanna come up with. i am open to everything so brainstorm with me!
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