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[January, 23rd 2019 at 3:57p]


yo yo. this here is ku ujin. born in busan. his family moved to los angeles when he was about five years old with his older brother, who was nine at the time, he has a younger sister was born in U.S. you can read the rest here if you wish to get a better understanding of his background. he is twenty-three years old and is a professional boxer. he moved back to seoul around september of last year on a scholarship he got from the international boxing federation. he also runs a small boxing center he opened up to help kids and adults who wish to learn boxing.

the only current connection he has is with [info]stereotype, they are childhood friends, they both lived next door to one another. he moved out to south korea before kit did. by sheer coincidence, they ended up living in the same apartment complex. he is open for a lot of fresh connections/lines with anyone. friends, exes, fellow boxers, or people wanting to learn from him, a fan that has followed his boxing career since he started would be jazzy, roommate, family members (cousins, his siblings), someone he can have a mad crush on but never do anything about it (that's always fun). whatever you can offer it to him, would be fun to work out together.
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[January, 22nd 2019 at 10:43p]


hello! this is jihan, 24, seoul native who has been working as an escort for the past couple of years after realizing that he could make a lot more money from that than the countless crappy part-time jobs he had been accumulating before. personality-wise he is pretty friendly and open but his main focus is securing his bag so he can be a bit oblivious about other things and people.
i'm looking for schoolmates who wondered where he'd disappeared to, people he tried to scam successfully or not, people he bumped into in bars/noraebangs/clubs, and that's a long shot but maybe a client or someone he tried to hit on for work? let me know if there's any line i can fulfill for you too!
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[January, 17th 2019 at 10:46p]


hey guys. i figured i would do a linepost to try to put scout out there again. just as a refresher, he's 22 years old, originally from washington dc, has been in seoul for about two and a half years. he streams games on twitch, has a pet dog kat, used to be a dancer but sustained an injury that put a stop to that, though he wants to get back into it. has a fear of the ocean, is obsessed with crangrape juice, and doritos are a big part of his diet.

he has a best friend in [info]engine but i would love some more friends for him, whether it's through gaming or dancing or just from around the building. i need a new job for him, too, so if anyone has some part-time work for him, i would really appreciate a career nibble. he could use some pals to go out and drink with, which he doesn't do that often but it's fun every once in a while. seriously would love fellow dog (or pet!) owners to go on walks with him and kat and have playdates. really, we're up for anything so please send some love our way.
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[January, 14th 2019 at 8:49a]


hello! so i've basically got a blank slate i'm looking to fill in for her. the basics: kim ji-ah, 27 years old, recently relocated to seoul. she's a bit of a free spirit, she's moved around a lot, traveled, never really stayed anywhere more than 1-2 years before deciding to try something else. seoul is her next adventure, and she's hoping this one sticks and she can be happy here. she worked as a waitress on a cruise ship with [info]minefield a couple years ago (2015-2017), they had a relationship but she got flighty and things ended badly between them when she essentially pulled a disappearing act. she still has feelings for him, realizes she made a mistake by literally jumping ship, and wants to be less scared of settling down and having plans for the future. she actually didn't know he was in seoul when she moved, so awkward reuniting is happening!

other than that, this girl is literally a blank slate! i'm happy to fill a line for anyone looking for something, and she can use it all - coworkers (and a job), friends, maybe a childhood friend who convinced her to move to seoul try to settle, possibly a sibling or other relation, maybe a roommate. i haven't settled on a hometown or anything like that, so she can fit in pretty much anywhere for background!
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[January, 13th 2019 at 1:51a]


i figured i should join the crowd and post something out again. to those who don't know who he is, this is chi mingyu he is a child therapist. Born and raised in Ulsan, and moved to Ɪᴛᴀᴇᴡᴏɴ a little later on to continue his studies at SNU. he is currently doing clinical work for his PhD at YOU&ME (YPCS) and at Korea Children and Youth Psychological Counseling Center. he loves what he does, he has always had a soft spot in his heart for children.

he's pretty eccentric, yet with a moonchild/wallflower type personality. he's extremely caring and would do anything for someone whoever needed his help (basically wears his heart on his sleeves). he's loyal to whoever becomes is his friend. i don't have a solid line here except with [info]biaswrecker, they have become pretty close friends. i know i have talked to some people who wanted them to be friends with min, if you guys are willing to continue that, perhaps to those who have wanted that can post and remind me? (bad memory, haha). also looking for new fresh lines. roommate(s), co-workers, book club buddies, past exes/flings to cause him some fun or trouble. an ex-fiance' to turn his world upside down, o perhaps someone to help work with him on the weekend with the children, possibly someone to bring in his sister? the sky is the limits when it comes to whatever type of line you would like to work out with min :)
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[January, 12th 2019 at 11:32p]


i haven't done one of these in a super, super long time but levi has sort of drifted into an abyss lately so i figured it was time. for anyone who doesn't know, this is levi song and he was born in south korea but adopted by an extremely rich and upper class korean-american parents who probably shouldn't have had kids to begin with. he's always kind of been a black sheep, his family was super snotty and didn't much care for him, he spent most of his time in the care of a nanny or several over time, which is probably a big reason he's so liberal and open-minded about things, and why he ended up disliking his adoptive parents so much (aside from the fact they just treated him poorly) but he's extremely passionate about equality and mental health and the like, although many people probably don't see that all that often because he doesn't exactly open up all that well.

anyway, he grew up in new york and ended up attending nyu where he got his mfa and then began a tattoo apprenticeship at a local shop there. shortly after his apprenticeship was over some shit went down and [info]hardstyle (his best friend of many years) decided that it was time for levi to get out of new york and to move to seoul, which he did in early 2017. he started working at a tattoo shop in seoul pretty much immediately and now as of october 2018 he's the owner and currently the sole tattoo artist at his own shop. he met his twin sister [info]scissors last year, is currently dating [info]agape, and bugs [info]shotski regularly about red dead redemption 2. he's not the friendliest ever because he doesn't trust people and generally is prone to depressive episodes where he can isolate himself pretty badly but i'd love to get some more friends for him, people who will actually deal with his inability to function on a normal emotional level at times and get past his weird broody persona and appreciate him. i know that he's a little intimidating (he's super tall and covered in tattoos in south korea, so naturally people probably move out of his way when he's walking by) but he's loyal and generous, just quietly so! he loves movies, music, video games, lots of stuff to bond over
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[January, 12th 2019 at 11:10p]


hey everyone! holidays and new year ate me up, so i thought i'd try to jump back in with yet another new year, new me type of plea-- especially with all the new faces i see floating around here.

this is parker, 23. he's a pretty easy going, carefree kind of guy hailing from boston and new york city. seoul's been his home for around two years now, since he injured his leg during training. he pretty much came to seoul to find himself after he realized that professional ballet was not really an option for him anymore. right now he's just working a thousand part time jobs and trying to enjoy life to the fullest. honestly he's kind of a hot mess, but in the fun way.

i have a schedule of his part time jobs in his bio, but if anyone with a character who owns an establishment wants to claim him as a part-timer please do so! he could also really use the sister he loves, that his dad got in the divorce. childhood friends, past or current flings, maybe an ex from back home? new friends, people who will help him feel less lonely here. people he's met through his part time jobs, anything else we can think of together!
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[January, 12th 2019 at 2:27p]


it's been a hell of a long time since i did one of these, so why not! this here is sungwoo, though he more often and preferably goes by woozi. he is a 23 year old dancer at 1M as well as a student over at karts. he is a former med student that had gone as far as excelling a little too well in the medical friend and was doing a part-time internship at a children's hospital...at least up until he dropped out. he's lived in seoul for the last four or well five now years! wow! and he's been in the building for just as long so any of the newer faces that have had resident's that have been around, i would love to build some lines up!

personality wise he's very upbeat, optimistic, and a bit on the happy hyper side a lot of the times. he's also gullible and greatly naive to a lot, he's working on that as best he can. extremely passionate, and very loyal to those that actually are kept close to him, but just like anyone else he has his own flaws and does his best to hide those! line wise i'd really love to get him active again! there was a small period where holidays took over forever and a day and i think a lot of my existing lines need some refreshing, but i'd also love to usher in the chance for new ones! i'd love maybe former roommates, maybe a fling or two from the past - there's something that could be hilarious with this if anyone is down, fellow dancers or artistic types to gush over things with would be excellent, kdrama lovers to sit and get lost with for hours, and really i'd love to just try and come up with some creative fun lines.
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[January, 11th 2019 at 1:16a]


okay, i'm about to crash for the night but i really wanted to get this up before that so here i am! so, this is kit. he's 23 years old, has his degree in business administration, is great with people and even better with numbers. he has migrated to south korea from the west coast, los angeles to be exact, so his korean could use some work. his mother attempted to teach him the language while he was young but it wasn't something that stuck too terribly well. kit would probably still be in the states if not for getting involved with the wrong guy and having it lead to some threatening emails and some "minor" stalking. hopping a flight and relocating with his best gal pal seemed like a great idea at the time (which was what, a month ago?) but now, he finds himself struggling with the culture change and trying to get his life back in order. despite all that, he's social and friendly, probably a little too friendly for his own good, and he enjoys going out and having a good time (with or without alcohol but he prefers the former). you can check out his bio here if you'd like.

for lines for him, he's really open to everything. he's only been in the country for a little over a month and he is ready to mingle. he has a roommate in [info]enchantor so if you're friendly with her, chances are kit has been thrown in the mix. it'd be great to perhaps have someone, or many different someones, to go get drinks with. someone to lounge all over the couch and watch movies with him on those nights he just doesn't feel like doing anything else but putting on his fuzzy socks and curling up with a tub of popcorn. some fluent english speaking friends so he doesn't feel awful about his terrible korean pronunciation all the time and can just speak in english around them. friends with pups so they can have puppy play dates. flings or casual whatevers. maybe an ex from back home. someone to go for nature walks with him. he does have family in south korea that he has never really met or spoken to because of the disconnect between their families so a cousin line is a possibility! he will definitely want someone to go with him when he gets his hair colored since he does it quite often just to keep things fresh, and that includes the discussion about which color to get that precedes that trip to the salon. i can tell how much i ramble when i'm tired so i will end this here, but let's brainstorm!
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